Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness

September 10, 2016

Have you ever felt that inner ache of loneliness? Have you felt an empty void in your life? In this study we will see how Jesus fulfills the innermost longings of the soul. Join as Pastor David continues in the series of messages from the sermon on the mount.


The Loud Angel

September 10, 2016

Elder Kevin Miller, the new president of the Alaska Conference, shares a powerful message on the three angels message in Revelation. 


Blessed are the Meek

August 27, 2016

Have you ever been tempted to lash out when someone disrespects you? Have you been tempted to be harsh because someone deserves it? Join us as Pastor David shares a study on Biblical meekness.


Blessed Are They That Mourn

August 21, 2016
Join us as Pastor David gives a study on what Biblical sorrow really means.
Matthew 5:4

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

August 13, 2016

Matthew 5:1-3

Join us as Pastor David begins a new 8 part series from the greatest sermon ever preached - the sermon on the mount. 

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

August 7, 2016
Have you ever found someone difficult to love? Listen as Pastor David expounds on what it means to truly love your neighbor as yourself.

The Priority of the Word

August 1, 2016

Pastor David shares a morning message at Alaska campmeeting on the priority of the Word living in the last days.


How Jesus Treats the Untouchables

July 25, 2016
Pastor David shares an evening message at Alaska campmeeting; lessons of salvation from Christ's interaction with the leper in Matthew 8.


The Secret of Christian Endurance

July 18, 2016
Pastor David Shin
Hebrews 12:1-2

Have you ever been so discouraged that you felt like quitting in your Christian experience? 

Listen as Pastor David shares this study on enduring through tough times. 


Instantaneous Forgiveness

July 8, 2016
Pastor David Shin
Mark 2:1-12

Have you ever doubted whether God really forgives?

Listen as Pastor David shares this encouraging study from the story of the paralytic.